Concrete Blocks & Precast Concrete

4 Inch Blocks (440mm x 213mm x 100mm) - The standard building blocks for houses walls, garden walls

12 Inch Blocks (440mm x 300mm x 100mm) - Used for foundations or retaining walls

6 Inch Blocks (440mm x 213mm x 138mm) - Also known as farmers friend, used for walls, tanks, retaining walls

Soap Bars 6"x 4" Blocks (440mm x 138mm x 100mm) - Used along with other sizes of blocks and smaller internal walls

Concrete Brick - The brick are used on every wall building project

Precast concrete L - Shaped Walls - Suitable for silage pits, earth retaining, grain storage. They are easy to set up, quick and easy to move to another job.

Precast Concrete Pipes - For land drainage

We also manufacture Concrete Gate Posts and a wide range of wall lintels for windows & door openings


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